ParkVogel is an accidental concoction by two friends and was launched in January 2004.

Julie Park, a graphic artist turned fashion designer, and Vanessa Vogel, a costume designer, both wanted to create one essential but versatile T-shirt.

With collective ambition, creativity and ingenuity, ParkVogel has become more than just a T-shirt company. The ParkVogel label has grown to include a luxurious cashmere line and cozy intimates along with a range of T-shirt must-haves.

Made from the finest fabrics and yarns, ParkVogel pieces are affordable without compromising quality. Our environment friendly Swiss cotton is knitted by one of the few textile mills in the world which implement recycling and energy saving programs to reduce emissions and pollutants in compliance with strict European standards.

At ParkVogel, we believe that luxury is not overt. It comes in fabric, color and proportion.

It is a blueprint of clothing essentials.